Therapeutic Massage
Our Therapeutic Massages are gear toward each individual client's needs. Our therapists use Hot Stones, Hot Towels and Deep Tissue (as needed) to relieve stress, tight muscles, and increase blood circulation.


90 minute full body relaxing massage using hot and cold stones.


A relaxing pressure point massage for your feet. Offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions.


Prenatal Massage
Massage for women whom are at least 12 weeks pregnant. Pillows are used for extra support during this massage. Offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions.


Massage to activate the lymph system. 


Essential oil Massage using 9 different oils, on back and feet, to release tight muscles along the spine. Caution for clients with sensitive skin and/or pregnant. 


Reduce the appearance of cellulite. This massage is a series of 18 sessions, done 3 times a week for 6 weeks.  


Couples/Friend Massage
Any two massages, with the same time duration, may be done in the same room. 


Feel great and lose weight effortlessly with FIT Bodywrap®, the best, most professional, infrared body wrap solution.


Mud Body Wrap
Includes a  full body exfoliation and mud of your choice. Rose Mud for Moisturizing, Green Seaweed Mud for Firming, and Black Mud for Detoxing. 


Bare Pedicure
This NO POLISH pedicure is a basic pedicure. Includes foot soak, callus treatment, trim & shape nails, push back cuticles, and lower leg & foot massage.


Spa Pedicure
Enjoy a basic pedicure with polish (no gel polish), in a relaxing therapeutic atmosphere. 


Deluxe Pedicure
All the luxury of the Spa Pedicure with the addition of hot stone during the leg and foot massage. As well as, a warm paraffin wrap for your feet. 


Men's Pedicure
This pedicure is customized just for men.


Ear Candling
A specialized long cylindrical candle is used. One end is placed just inside the ear canal and the other end is lit on fire. 


Mini Facial
During this skin treatment we will cleanse, exfoliate, mask treatment, tone, and moisturize using Dermalogica products.


Customized Blended Facial
This facial is custom blended to your individual skin needs using specific masks, serums, and moisturizers to address problem areas.


Deep Cleansing Facial
Removes dirt and debris that accumulate deep in the pores.


Renew skin tone and Texture without chemicals


Lactic Acid Peel
Revitalizing exfoliation procedure for sensitive skin, aging skin, & hyperpigmentation.


Dermal Flash
Produces radiance and toning. Ideal for non-sensitive skin suffering from hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, active acne, or elasticity problems.


Glycolic Peel
Rapid exfoliation of epidermal cells that loosens impactions, clarifies complexion, and reduces scars, fine lines, & hyperpigmentation.


Quest 4
Is a Bioenergetic Test which can detect imbalances and help balance body energies. 


Harmony Package
This stimulating package brings harmony to the entire body from head to toe with a Mini facial, 30 minute therapeutic massage, and 30 minute foot reflexology. Total service time 90 minutes


Serenity Package
Reach a new state of calm with this package which includes a 60 minute therapeutic massage, Customized Blended Facial, and Mud wrap. Total service time 3 hours. 


Luxury Package
Enjoy a luxurious 90 minute Therapeutic massage, Deep Cleansing Facial, and Deluxe Pedicure.  Total service time between 4 to 4 1/2 hours. 

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