Half Day Spa

1/2 Hour Therapeutic Massage, Mini Facial, and Spa Pedicure. Takes 2 1/2 to 3 Hours.
Full Day Spa

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage, Custom Blended Facial, and Deluxe Pedicure. Takes 5 to 5 1/2 Hours.
1/2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

This massage is ideal for the person who has never experienced the relaxing effect of massage.
1 Hour Therapeutic Massage

This massage is for the client looking for a full body massage or detailed work. An example would be wrist, neck, back, shoulder, or foot problems.
1 1/2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

This massage is for the client who needs detailed work, plus a full body massage.
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for the avid client that is used to massage work and is having specific problems.

This massage is for the client that wants 1 1/2 hours of deep relaxation. This massage is a full body massage done completely with hot and cold stones.

This massage is on the feet with a soaking, then deep work to the feet.
Lymph Drainage

This massage is used for edema (swelling) or to get the lymph in the body moving. The lymph system depends on people being active and cleanse the body naturally.

This massage is an alternative to Lyposuction. It is an intensive 6 week treatment, which involves 18 sessions (3 sessions per week.) Lypossage is for body contouring and cellulite reduction.
FIT Bodywrap

Feel great and lose weight effortlesslywith FIT Bodywrap®, the best, most professional, infrared body wrap solution. www.fitbodywrap.com/

This is a full body, 1 hour massage for those who want to share the experience. Bring your mate or friend to share in the relaxation of massage while in the same room.
Mud Body Wrap

A body wrap is relaxing and has emollients with special properties to leave the skin feeling soft and supple.
Lightwave Treatments

This treatment is used for the reduction of cellulite, age spots, fine lines, acne, rosacea, and other skin problems. This treatment is 6 sessions (1 per week.)
Customized Blended Facial

This facial combines aromatherapy and facial massage with deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, light steam and soothing masque.
Mini Facial

This facial is a shorter version of the Customized Blended, it includes a quick cleanse, gentle steam and masque.
Lactic Acid

Revitalizing exfoliation procedure for sensitive skin, aging skin, & hyperpigmentation.
Dermal Flash

Produces radiance and toning. Ideal for non-sensitive skin suffering from hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, photo damage, active acne, or elasticity problems.

Rapid exfoliation of epidermal cells that loosens impactions, clarifies complexion, and reduces scars, fine lines, & hyperpigmentation.

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